To own an a=t art piece/game construct, enroll1 in our ‘finish the unfinished’ school club program. Enrolling2 grants ownership of a unique one-off completed version/edition3, achieved through collaboration with the creator.

The a=t Version/Edition Includes:

  1. Ownership of an a=t art piece construct (approx. size: 820 x 820 x 49 mm/32.28×32.28×1.93in).
  2. New owner’s version of the artonthego247 web app.
  3. New owner’s private online library.
  4. Commercial license for the a=t art piece, game construct, and associated documentation.
  1. Free trial available for eligible candidates, conducted one-to-one over Zoom. ↩︎
  2. Enrollment fee is negotiable and dependent on demand and the ability of the enrollee to utilize the associated 99-year license. All financial fee transactions will be through an escrow account for client protection and peace of mind. ↩︎
  3. Limited to 99 completed versions/editions. ↩︎