Just like a game follows a set of rules, the creation of my unique one-off art/game constructs also adheres to a distinct set of principles, which I fondly refer to as the ‘Rules of Engagement.’

Let me introduce you to my art-game construct, ‘Rules of Engagement,’ in more detail:

The journey begins with my design of a new, timeless game, drawing inspiration from classics like the Chinese game GO. This game’s design serves as the catalyst for a stunning piece of art. In essence, the art piece is born from the very essence of the game!

The art piece is meticulously crafted in a way that if one were to trace its outline and overlay it onto the game board (in the case of a board game), the artwork would seamlessly blend into the game board’s design, vanishing without a trace! There’s one intriguing exception to this rule, and that’s the ‘wild card.’ A ‘wild card’ allows for the inclusion of an unrelated image within the art piece.

Every art-game construct remains intentionally incomplete, inviting the purchaser to infuse their personal touch, their DNA and transform it into a 100% finished masterpiece.

Building on my experience with the Daily Mirror, I’ve birthed two new one-off art pieces and game constructs: a=t and a=i. The first to grace the sale block is a=t, and once it finds a new home, a=i will follow suit. Keep an eye out for two more exciting creations currently in the works.