In my mid-20s, I designed game prototypes that caught the attention of a company in London.

Naively, I overlooked some clauses and got taken advantage of, similar to what happened to my father. Later, I came up with a unique game concept for a British newspaper but failed to meet their deadline.

In 1985, I created a card game called WAI for the Nigerian government, but it got derailed by a military coup.

Then, I designed another game called FM, which attracted the interest of a man claiming to be an Argos founder. However, I made a mistake involving my uncle’s lady friend, and everything fell apart.

Now, I’ve created two new games, a=t and a=i, based on my original idea for the Daily Mirror.

I believe that this is a good point to bring into the story Michelle Espinosa, the new program’s art director. Michelle has a multi-vocational background condensed into two main categories – Educating and Creating. With a passion for art and design, Michelle has worked alongside philanthropists, bespoke jewellers, and artists. She also runs her own bespoke home décor business together with property development ventures. Her expertise in time management allows her to explore her love for diversity in colour, and texture making her well-suited for her role in our program. With her background and my ability to create original concepts that have turned into successful ventures, Michelle and I plan to fuse more unique games with artworks that will captivate a bespoke audience.

For those who may be curious and would like a more detailed recount of my WAI game and the Nigerian government, read the article Did my ‘WAI’ Card Game Cause The Nigerian Coup In 1985 To Start On The Day That It Did?