1. What is the main concept behind this new art creation and monetization genre?

This new genre is about creating and monetizing art, where a client, who may lack traditional artistic skills collaborates with us to complete unfinished artworks. Potentially earning them recognition from elite art circles and significant financial returns. The program is accessible to any who have both the time and the resources, regardless of their artistic skill, because it focuses on the power of combined creativity and vision – theirs and ours.

2. Why is a live one-to-one free trial on Zoom necessary before entering this art and art monetization program?

There are two reasons. Firstly, the free trial offers a no-commitment opportunity for potential clients to experience the quality and uniqueness of our service without any initial financial involvement. Secondly, the program is intimate and fosters personal relationships, with the Art Director. Our use of NDAs helps build a relationship with each client. As a result, we can only accept a limited number of clients each year.

3. Do participants need artistic skills or qualifications to be accepted onto the program?

No, as already mentioned, participants do not need to be artists or have specific drawing skills. The platform is open to anyone with an eye for aesthetics and a willingness to invest time and resources.

4. What kind of support will participants receive in this program?

Participants will receive practical help from the program’s facilitators to help the participant finish an unfinished art and design work with suggestions for personalizing and edifying the pieces. Additionally, participants will have access to an interactive app, other useful tools, and free consultations with the art director, the art monetizing director, and other facilitators in the team that may be helpful.

5. What concept best describes how a participant unskilled in both art and design should view themselves in this program?

A participant should imagine themself as the ENVISIONER of a magnificent home, earning everyone’s admiration. The issue is not about who built it but who envisioned it. A participant will be credited with being the ultimate envisioner of the finished work.

6. Why does this program use NDAs?

The use of NDAs is to legally assure clients’ that their personal and financial details will be treated as confidential information. It also protects the program if participants decide not to proceed after the free trial. The NDA prohibits the sharing of confidential and sensitive information gained through the free trial.

7. Does this program accept participants introduced through an Agent or third party?

Yes, it does. However, the program will only remunerate an Agent or third party if the participant who was introduced proceeds beyond the free trial.

8. Who are the Facilitators in this program?

The main facilitators are John Carter whose details are in About, and Michelle Espinosa, the program’s art director. She has a multi-vocational background condensed into two main categories – Educating and Creating. With a passion for art and design, Michelle has worked alongside philanthropists, bespoke jewellers, and artists. She also runs her own bespoke home décor business together with property development ventures. The program also uses trusted friends with specific artistic skills as support facilitators. All facilitators must sign an NDA to be part of the program.